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Lawrence Burry

Lawrence Burry

Sapulpa, OK



Lawrence is a military retiree who lived abroad for eight years where he experienced many cultures and diverse customs. Life overseas helped create experiences and memories that provided a lifelong influence on attitude, decision making, and interaction with other people. His travels expanded his outlook on the life he learned while growing up in Oklahoma. He presently enjoys life with his beautiful bride in their home near Sapulpa, Oklahoma and they have four adult children who have left the nest and make their own lives in other states.


Lawrence has conservative and traditional tastes in art and this reflects in his photography. He enjoys preparing his work with vivid colors, sharp contrast, and crisp details. From time to time though, he'll experiment with abstract images or unusual colors to capture the eye's attention.... these images must "call out" to him. Lawrence also has an affection for B&W photography and is quite sure you'll enjoy his work in that genre.

He is a self-taught photographer who found a love for photography early in his military career. Over the next 28 years, he balanced a life of military service, raising a family, and shooting photos when he had free time. In recent years, he's found more personal time, completed the digital photography program at a nearby community college, and became reengaged with fine art photography. He continues to attend frequent workshops, seminars, reads self-improvement articles about new techniques, and continues to practice, practice, practice. After all these years, he was no longer satisfied at being a hobbyist photographer so in early 2012, he stepped up and began offering his work for sale at Fine Art America. It is a true honor to exhibit his work here because this group has so very many accomplished and talented artists!

Visual arts are quite subjective – each person will either like or dislike an image based on their own tastes. Lawrence wants to share his work and encourage you to hang it on the wall in your office or home. They are also perfect upscale gifts. If you have an eye for art, you’ll know that a carefully chosen frame and matte will enhance beautiful art work. This is similar to a person dressing well and looking “like a million” with the right clothing. Don’t you want your visitors to say “wow” when they enter your home or work place?


Each of these images is copyright protected in the United States and internationally. Please respect the artist's right to protection of intellectual property. Without written authorization it is not permissible to copy, distribute, create derivative images, or pursue commercial interests with these images. You will notice that the previews here contain an FAA watermark. These are displayed to discourage unauthorized downloading of the digital files but your print will not have a watermark


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Bird House by Lawrence Burry


Bird Feeder by Lawrence Burry


Butterfly by Lawrence Burry


Spin by Lawrence Burry


Fisher by Lawrence Burry


USAF Thunderbirds by Lawrence Burry


USAF Thunderbirds by Lawrence Burry


Thunderbird by Lawrence Burry


USAF Thunderbirds by Lawrence Burry


Golden Sky by Lawrence Burry


Gatling by Lawrence Burry


B-52 Flyover by Lawrence Burry


Sunshine by Lawrence Burry


Trout Stream by Lawrence Burry


Winter Road by Lawrence Burry


Ultra Light by Lawrence Burry


Castle House by Lawrence Burry


Castle House by Lawrence Burry


The Blue Hole by Lawrence Burry


The Blue Hole by Lawrence Burry


Ambergris Caye Aerial View by Lawrence Burry


Ambergris Caye Aerial View by Lawrence Burry


Ambergris Caye Aerial View by Lawrence Burry


Adirondack Chairs by Lawrence Burry


Tiki Huts by Lawrence Burry


Belizean Palms by Lawrence Burry


Lurking in the Shadows by Lawrence Burry


Belizean Marina by Lawrence Burry


Cruising on Ambergris by Lawrence Burry


Beach Volleyball Court by Lawrence Burry


Beach Paradise by Lawrence Burry


Popeyes by Lawrence Burry


Through the Palm Leaves by Lawrence Burry


Seaside Pavilion by Lawrence Burry


Neglected in Paradise by Lawrence Burry


Marin's on Caye Caulker by Lawrence Burry


Zen Say by Lawrence Burry


Patty Lou by Lawrence Burry


Patty Lou by Lawrence Burry


Street Scene on Caye Caulker by Lawrence Burry


Pontoon by Lawrence Burry


Out on Bail by Lawrence Burry


I and I Reggae Bar by Lawrence Burry


Your Hammock Awaits You by Lawrence Burry


Tropical Courtyard by Lawrence Burry


Sun Breeze Hotel by Lawrence Burry


Paradise by Lawrence Burry


San Pedro Roman Catholic Church by Lawrence Burry